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Local Frozen pasties are currently unavailable.


Deliveries will be made between 8am - 6pm and available within postcodes: 'TR1','TR3','TR4','TR5','TR6','TR10','TR11', 'TR12', 'TR13','TR14','TR15','TR16', 'TR17','TR18','TR19','TR20','TR26','TR27'.

Cooking Instructions

Our pasties cook best straight from frozen. Every oven is different but we recommend cooking them for about an hour at 165 - 175 degrees.

To give the bottoms a nice crisp dry finish, leave plenty of space on the tray between your pasties and you might need to re-tray them half way through if a lot of juice is coming out.

10 Frozen Medium Pasties - £30.00

Our frozen Cornish Pasties are perfect freezer fillers. They cook beautifully straight from frozen so you can enjoy them as if they were fresh from our ovens.


Deliveries will be made between 8am – 4pm and available within postcodes: 'TR1','TR3','TR4','TR5','TR6','TR10','TR11', 'TR12', 'TR13','TR14','TR15','TR16', 'TR17','TR18','TR19','TR20','TR26','TR27'.

On day of delivery please ensure you are either home, contactable or have a safe place / a neighbour to leave frozen pasties with.

( Delivery instructions or a Fathers Day message )
( The delivery driver will need to contact you prior to drop off )

Click an Collect

Collections are available after 12pm on selected date. All the shops will remain open until furher notice but the ‘Click and Collect’ service will only be available in Porthleven and Mullion.

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